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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Durga Puja Pandals Of Kolkata : Which Will Be The Best?

Theme of Behala Naskarpur is the tribal art of 'Gand' - the tribes of
Limbata, under Nabrangpur district of Orissa. Eight tribal artists of
'Gand' now in Kolkata to make images of various god and goddesses by
golden paddies and colourful threads. Here paddy is the symbol of
'food' and threads 'clothes'.

Nimtala Sarbojanin of north Kolkata - they inclined this year to
eternal subtle of burnt soil. The essence of this traditional art work
will be found in their puja pandals. But they taken the south Indian
heritage of stone-work.

From Puran to modern times - a long journey of Indian civilization
being depicted in the puja pandal of 'Pally Shri' Durga puja pandal of
Jaharlal Dutta Lane of Ultodanga.

Janakalyan Sangha of Buro Shibtala, Behala creating a piece of rural
Bengal village with green paddy fields, serene stream and bushes where
songs of 'Bauls' can be heard all the time. They constructed this
village gradually since the end of last year's puja. They sowed
hundreds of saplings on 200 kathas of land. And they decided to feed
all the visitors throughout the puja holidays.

A. B.

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