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Monday, September 19, 2011

Durga Puja Pandals In Kolkata : Which Will Be The Best?

Kolkata enthusiastically worshipper of Theme Puja. Each year, various
prizes are being offered for the best puja. And the city of joy also
love to watch those theme pujas very much.

This year's overall theme is 'Back to Soil' - the traditional culture
and rural heritage of Bengal will be depicted alongwith the power of
women in the field of mankind shall enhance the honour and dignity of
Durga Puja of Kolkata.

Now, we may wait and see the ultimate preparation of puja pandals.
Which will be the best? We have to wait a few days more to predict it.

The first pic: preparation of puja pandals at Khidirpur area.
The second pic: preparation of puja pandals in east Kolkata.

A. B.

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