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Monday, August 8, 2011

"Baishe Shraban"

Today, "Baishe Shraban" of Bangla month - 70th death anniversary of
Rabindranath Tagore. The government of West Bengal declared the day as
holiday to observe the day with reverence and love for the immortal
poet. Tagore was a poet - the poet of all the poets.
He felt and put his feelings in writing thus we can
feel our imaginations and aspirations in every moment of life. He was
the last word of feelings. When we feel sorrow - his creations are our
solace, when we feel happy - we find with joy that he already guessed
our happiness and written our feelings years ago. So, no
new grief or happiness are there for us to write more - he already
written for us. And that is the greatness of a poet's thought.
Rabindranath our soul, Rabindranath our life. Today, in spite of
rains, the city of joy Kolkata is observing the day with several
rally and all the rally will meet at Metro station. In the evening,
a cultural function will be held at Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata.
Calcutta Tramways Company is running a special tram in the city
decorated with Tagore's images and playing the songs of the poet all
the way. One can board the tram without fare today.--
A. B.

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