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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ghats Of River Ganga In Kolkata

Once upon a time, residents of Kolkata had a special place of river Ganga in their lifestyle. They used to take bath on river Ganga everyday. Even they walked miles to reach the river from their residence regularly. When Kolkata was known as the city of Bengalee, there were so many bathing ghats between Bagbazar and Baboo Ghat. Rich men used to erect room and stairways for the common people. And thus, several ghats of the river named after them. Between the year 1784 and 1856, six maps were published regarding the ghats of Kolkata. But, many of them lost their entity. James Princep came in India in the year 1819 as the Assistant Metal Examiner of Kolkata Mint. He was a chemical scientist, Indian coins, inscriptions reader. He was also a river and weather specialist. Residents of Kolkata wanted to remember that multi-faced genius. And so, Princep Ghat was built in Kolkata. Baboo Ghat, near Eden Gardens was established by baboo Rajchandra, the husband of Rani Rasmoni - who was a rich man. It is still the most used ghat of Kolkata. The Greek style pillars of this ghat are very attractive. Baboo Rajchandra also established the Ahiritola Ghat. 'Chandpal Ghat' also a famous ghat. It says, a grocers shop, named Chandranath Paul, was there on the ghat - so it is known as Chandpal Ghat. Near Burrabazar, Mallick Ghat is there which was built by a rich man - Rammohan Mallick in memory of his father - Nemai Mallick. A flower bazar is there, named Phul Ghat. Beside this, Jagannath Ghat - established by a rich man - Shobharam Basak and earlier named by him - Shobharam Basak's Ghat. Beside this, Prasanna Kumar Thakur's ghat and adjacent Pathuria Ghat also established by him. The ghat was made of stone. Almost every rich person of ancient Kolkata possessed a ghat of their own. Tales of ghats of Kolkata - an endless story. The ghats of the city still a joy to bath.

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